why are dogs man's best friend

Why are dogs man’s best friend?

Who doesn’t like dogs? Seriously. I haven’t heard a single person say he/she hates dogs (in general). Numerous people even believe dogs to be man’s best friends. Bellow are 5 reasons: why are dogs man’s best friend?

1. Dogs have a bad short-term memory

No matter what you do to your dog, most likely he will forgive you. He doesn’t hold grudges against you. Even if you make your dog mad, he will still love you and play with you whenever you pet him. Do you see how happy he is when he sees you coming home after work? He would wait patiently at your door for hours. When you come home, he is so excited wagging his tail and jumping on you just to say hello.

2. Dogs are loyal

Dogs have a bad short-term memory but a great long-term memory. Most dogs know when their owners are not home. They will feel lonely and sad when they can’t find their owners around. If you treat your dog well, he will never forget you and will always be excited and happy to see you.

3. Dogs understand your feelings

Have you ever wondered why dogs are very understanding? Dogs can mimic your emotions. Based on your body language and the tone of your voice, dogs will response to your current state of mind. When you are excited and happy, your dog will be happy for you; some dogs even jump at you, or runaround to share the excitement. When you’re sad, your dog will look at you with his big puppy dog eyes. He will slowly move around you and even lay his little face down on your knees. He feels sad for you.

4. Dogs are smart and want to protect you at all times

Dogs can do many things if you train them properly.  Your dog always wants to protect you. Whenever he hears some strangers approaching your door, he will bark and let you know. If he has the feeling that you are in danger, he will bite anyone that tries to harm you. Your dog can also learn your smell and he can find you when you’re not around.

5. You can learn many things from your dog.

Your dog is a great source of motivation. Most dogs are super active and love the outdoors when they’re outside. They run around and pour out their energy. Dogs also know how to live. To simply put it, dogs act like humans minus the worries. All they do is eat, bark, play with you, love you and sleep. Most importantly, they enjoy the moment. We can all learn something from our dogs. Life is short. There is no need to be worried about things you cannot control. However, we should pour out as much energy as we can on things we love and things we enjoy. Dogs know the secret to happiness 🙂

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    1. Author

      Thanks Owain. I’m glad that I can share some new information 🙂

  1. My cousin will get a dog for protection and I also think that it is necessary for him. Because he lives in a bad neighborhood and I am glad that he will also get a loyal friend 🙂

  2. I’m not one of those pet owners that love their pets as if they are members of the family (because they are animals) but I can definitely see why pets are so lovable, especially dogs. All of the dogs I have had demonstrated these traits. It’s so amazing to me that even when you may not be the nicest to your dog (maybe scold them for doing something), they are always so loyal and would not waste a moment to defend you if you are in danger. While I may never get a dog again, I can appreciate them for all the things they are and they do for us.

    1. Author

      Thanks for your comment Lindsey. I agree. Dogs are always in your side no matter what you did to them.
      You never know, maybe you will get another dog sometimes ?

  3. I am in tears. Lost my beloved friend and best companion ever on January 17th…six weeks ago.

    You are so right. They would lay their lives for you.

    The joy they bring to our lives is much more than any human can.

    Great article…..from a dog lover….


    1. Author

      Hi Ravi thanks for your comment.
      I’m so sorry for your dog. If you don’t mind, could you share what happened to your dog?
      Thank you

  4. I love dogs and have a fee throughout my life. They are always just so happy and that puts you in a good mood. I love how they always want to be with you too. Doesn’t matter what I’m doing or where I am in the house, my dog will find me and stay in the room with me until I move on, great company ?

  5. Sometimes, dogs can come back home from thousand miles away alone.

    1. Author

      Yes you reminds me of a dog that I used to have. He found the way back after a week we lost his contact.

  6. I love this site, you do need more pictures of Labradors though, that’s my very biased opinion!
    We have a working lab at home and he is VERY tuned in to who thinks and feels what around the home. It is quite impressive

    1. Author

      haha thanks Dave for the comment. Yes I agree Labradors is amazing 🙂

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  8. Very fitting. Dogs do have a better tendency to emote with their owners than most humans do. I do respect the fact that know so much about you with out any communication. Thanks for making me remember why they are the best pets.

    1. Author

      Thanks Tracy for your kind words. I’m glad you enjoy my post.

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  12. Interesting post! I love dogs and this post is just amazing! Thanks again for sharing!

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